Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my shopping basked remain filled?
The chosen items in your basked will be stored for 24 hours.
I have forgotten my password. What shall I do?
At the bottom of the reseller section welcome-page you can order a new password. You simply need your customer number and the email address registered with us for this account.
Why can I only order textiles within one season?
We have fixed delivery dates for each season. You can only order items from seasons which are scheduled for the same delivery period. This is why textile pre-orders can only be executed separately. Once these are concluded, you are welcome to place another order from our „never-out-of-stock“-range.
Can I register additional users for one reseller login ?
Yes, you can do that at „my account“„user right management“. At this point you can grant further access rights. Please keep in mind that - when installing new users at this point - the main user must be logged in .
Why are my open payments not shown resp. not completely shown ?
Open payments are generally not shown to customers that belong to associations with central payment processing. If your outstanding payments are not settled by central payment, your account will be up-dated every 24 hours. 
How can I order the quantity I wish to order?
As a matter of principle, all items are shown with their respective packaging units. Therefore, please check the quantity placed in your shopping basket. 
How do I fill in the order form matrix ?
We have provided the opportunity to easily order all items by using a matrix. Just put in the number of items into the corresponding box and click to add to your shopping basket.  In case a slash-sign appears in the box then the item is not available in this variation. By moving the curser to the blue-tinged box, you will receive further information about this variation of your Sterntaler product.
When do I receive my confirmation of order ?
After concluding your order, you will receive an information message, within a few minutes you will receive an email with all information regarding your order as well as the confirmation that your order has been received by Sterntaler. If – despite all our efforts – the delivery dates should be delayed or differences in your order quantity should occur  you will receive a separate message from your customer adviser.
If I have further questions what shall I do ?
Please use the contact form and enter your customer number .

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