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Sterntaler GmbH is strongly committed to protect your privacy and to take all the essential measures to ensure compliance with the data protection provisions – especially those of the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes BDSG) and those of theGerman Broadcast Media Act  (Telemediengesetzes TMG) .
We are aware, that the transfers of your personal data show a high degree of confidence placed in us. The careful handling of your personal data is therefore of great importance to us.
With this data protection declaration we would like to inform you which of your personal data will be collected in connection with the visit of our website and the utilization of our online-shop-offers and what we do with the data information we gather.
I.              Which data will be collected for which purpose?
In connection with
·         purchases made in our online-shop and/or
·         creation and maintenance of your customer account and/or
·         signing up for our newsletter
we may collect the following data about you:
1. Your title, surname, first name , street, postcode, country, town, possibly another delivery address, e-mail adress
2. Your payment details (payment method, for authorized automatic withdrawal: your bank ID-code and your account no.)
3. Your phone number
4. Your date of birth
5. Your password (if you wish to open a customer account)
The data mentioned under #1. & # 2. will be collected for the purpose of processing a contract (processing the order and payment settlement); the data may only be used for another purpose if prescribed by statute or regulation or with your expressly stated prior consent.
Your e-mail address will be used to send you a confirmation of order and an advice of despatch for your purchase, to verify you for the creation of a customer account and for the subscription of our newsletter. We will only use your e-mail address for the subscription to our newsletter with your prior permission. You can opt out of receiving these newsletters at any time and withdraw the authorisation already granted.
The password (number 5) in connection with your e-mail address will grant you access to your customer account. Your password can not be viewed by us.  
II. Which of your data will be transferred by us to other companies and for which purpose?
For the purpose of despatching the goods ordered, your address details will be transferred to the assigned service provider (forwarding and shipping company) .
III. How can you request information about your collected data?
You can always contact us if you have questions or concerns about the collection or use of your personal data or your data collected under a pseudonym.  If required, please write to the following address:
Sterntaler GmbH
Betrieblicher Datenschutzbeauftragter
Werkstraße 6-8
65599 Dornburg-Dorndorf
or send an e-mail to
You are also entitled to request a correction, a blocking or deletion of your personal data. A deletion is, however, only possible if it complies with the applicable law for the statutory period of record keeping.
IV. How can you revoke your consent for future use of your data in general and for marketing purposes?
You may revoke your consent for the future use of your personal data, like for example your e-mail address, either entirely or partly,at any given time. Furthermore, you have the right to revoke your consent for the processing and use of your personal data for marketing purposes at any time.
If required, please write to:
Sterntaler GmbH
Werkstraße 6-8
65599 Dornburg-Dorndorf
or send an e-mail to
V. How are we protecting your personal data?
All data transmission in our online-shop is effected with a secure transmission method, the so-called “Secure Socket Layer“(SSL). All information transmitted by this secure method will be encrypted before being sent to Sterntaler GmbH.
By decoding all your personal data like name or address, your data will be encrypted by Sterntaler’s security software. By this method your data cannot be read by unauthorised parties during the transfer on the internet. Most of the newer browsers  already support this secure transfer technology. This secure transfer method is working if your browser either shows the symbol of an unbroken key or a closed lock (depending on your browser).
We take all technical and organisational safety precautions in order to protect your collected data against incidental or intended manipulation, loss, deletion or unauthorised access through third persons. Our data procession and safety measures are subject to constant improvement in accordance with the latest technological developments. Our employees as well as the members of staff of the shop provider appointed by us are contractually obliged to observe the confidentiality of data in accordance with section 5 of the BDSG.
VI. Does Sterntaler use cookies?
We use so-called Session-Cookies; these are small text files, which are stored locally on your computer when you visit our website. This enables us to identify you as a registered user during your shopping and to make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible.
If you do not wish to have information placed on your computer in the form of cookies, you may choose to block cookies with your browser or you may set your browser in that way that you will be notified if you receive a cookie. Information about how to deactivate cookies can be obtained by using the „help“-function of your browser.  When using these settings we cannot guarantee that you can use our online-shop without any restrictions.
The session-cookies will be deleted when the browser is closed at the latest.
VII. Is further data collected and stored?
Whenever our online-shop file on the internet is called up, the following access data is collected and stored:
·         name of the file requested ,
·         date and time of the request (time-stamp),
·         access status (file transmitted, file not found etc.),
·         description of the web browser version used,
·         number of visits,
·         average length of time spent on our website
This data is exclusively required for technical resp. statistical purposes; a synchronisation with other data bases will not be made.
Our website uses plugins from the social network, operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S Califonia Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304 USA. These plugins are identifiable by the facebook-logo or an additional text.
When you click on a site with one of these plugins, the plugin sets up a direct link from your browser to the facebook servers. Since this transmission is a direct one, we do not have any knowledge of the data submitted. The information transmitted is that you have clicked on the corresponding site.  Should you be logged in to Facebook at the same time, this information will also be assigned to your Facebook account and therefore become personal data. Same applies when using the plugin functions (e.g. the „like“-button) or posting comments.
If you want to prevent a direct data transmission to your Facebook account, you should only visit our website as long as you are not logged in to Facebook.
IX. How long will your personal data be stored?
Your personal data will be stored as long as required for the provision of our services resp.for retention periods stipulated by way of statutory or other legal obligation.
X.  Do you have other question about this privacy policy?
Should you have other questions or suggestions concerning this privacy policy or should you require further information, please contact us by e-mail to: 
Please note: We reserve the right to change or update this privacy policy from time to time when necessary.
We therefore recommend to reread this data protection declaration when you visit our online-shop again.

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